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Hydro Solo E


The Grundfos Hydro programme ensure that the correct head and flow are delivered where and when necessary.

So whether you are working with water pressure in a multi storey buildings, providing water for industrial or municipal areas, you can count on Grundfos to keep the flow and pressure needed.

Small Hydro systems may be composed of only one pump unit, such as a Grundfos CR multistage in-line pump.

Combining several pumps in parallel with a dedicated state of the art control system, characterises our multi-pump solutions such as Grundfos' Hydro-MPC system.

Grundfos Hydro systems transfer the liquid from the Hydro system to the draw-off points.

Most frequently these are used in water supply solutions.

Grundfos Hydro systems are especially well suited for usage in all commercial installations, from small to high-rise buildings.

Features and benefits

Constant pressure Easy to install Low energy consumption Wide programme Hydro MPC Hydro MULTI-E Hydro MULTI-S

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